Tedium Interactive

Creating games and game assets.


Archery Adventure

23 April 2019

Archery Adventure is simple archery game. You must hit all the targets within the time limit to complete a level.

The game’s source code and assets are available to download from itch.io. The project is also available at GitHub.


5 March 2019

I slightly dirty pickaxe.

Simple Axe

3 March 2019

A simple axe available for free!

Medical Kit

3 March 2019

A sci-fi medical kit.


22 February 2019

Grate is a level generator for Unity.

The levels are generated in a three-dimensional grid and instantiated using modular game assets.


Fantasy Interior Items

12 November 2018

A collection of various fantasy interior items. All the textures are tiling and easily replaceable.

Recurve Bow

20 October 2018

A simple recurve bow and arrow! Available for free!

Simple Melee Weapons

9 May 2018

A collection of 12 low poly historical melee weapons. Available for free!

Typing Game Kit

5 March 2018

Typing Game Kit is a collection of tools for the Unity game engine. It provides a system for creating typing games. The core of this system revolves around anchoring input sequences to game objects.

Typing Game Kit is available on the Unity Asset Store!