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19 May 2018

In Confinement you play the part of a criminal serving their sentence in a futuristic prison. The aim of the game is to spend time in prison. Luckily waiting is not the only option. The criminal is offered to partake various missions in exchange for having his or her sentence reduced.

Trials of Archery

1 January 2018

Trials of Archery is a game about shooting arrows at targets. It is available to play at itch.io!

Hacker vs Robots

15 October 2017

Hacker vs Robots is a game in which you practice your typing skills by surviving waves of murderous robots. Hacker vs Robots is available to play on itch.io!

Wizard vs Goblins

2 October 2017

Wizard vs Goblins has been published in itch.io! The game is a first person typing game set in a fantasy world where you fend of endless hordes of ravenous goblins.