In Confinement you play the part of a prisoner in a futuristic prison. You may opt to partake in various mission in order to earn your freedom. Confinement is designed as a rogue-lite horror FPS.

Fun fact: Grate was used for generating the levels.

Note: Confinement is no longer in development.

Lessons learned

Originally I wanted to create an X-COM inspired fps game. Such a game would be no simple feat and thus I stripped it down to a simpler design.

I learned quite a lot developing this game. I relied on the original UFPS asset which came with both pros and cons. On the positive side it allowed me to quickly get something decent working. On the negative side I found it overly complex in some parts and tricky to tailor into my needs. In particular I remember struggling implementing my “simple” inventory system which allowed for weapons to be picked up and thrown.

I had a blast implementing the AI system. The AI is rather simple and is basically a few if else statements and some raycasts. I considered making some state machines or behavior trees but due to the simple nature of the AI that would have been overengineering.

Game Design wise, I was always rater dissatisfied with the level progression of the game. Perhaps, I could have solved this issue by simply make a juicier indication of the progress made after each level. Although, I feel that the whole level selection thing was a bit lackluster and would have benefited by some more interesting choices.